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6 to 10 Years Old


How does learning happen? By allowing the children to play and pursue their interests in the different Activity Areas. The weekly program plan is created based on the children’s input and the educator’s observations of children’s interests and their developmental levels.


Choice is key to developing the young inquisitive mind. School-age children benefit fully from the boundless activities provided in the program through “Shift Change”. Giving our school-age children the option to switch activities to their liking encourages them to exercise initiative and independence.


Every day after snack, the Activity Centre is bursting with children’s enthusiasm as they plan ahead. Apart from a mandatory ½ hour of outdoor play, children indicate their activity of choice by placing their Name Button under one of four areas (rooms) on the Activity Board:

  • Picasso – art, science, sensory & cooking
  • Shakespeare – drama & music
  • Construction/Games – building & cooperative games
  • Sports – individual and team sports & games

Children benefit from the ability to choose the activity and room of their choice. They learn to organize, coordinate and collaborate with their peers. They practice fairness, time management, and responsibility, and with the educator’s guidance, strengthen self-regulation skills. Apart from their chosen activities, children also decide on the level of participation and peer interaction they are comfortable with. They may choose to play independently or in peer groups, in turn reinforcing friendships, self-esteem, self-concept, and learning to appreciate each other’s contributions.

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