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2½ to 4 Years Old


At Rec Room Child Care, we strive to provide an atmosphere where your child feels safe, loved, and connected. Young children are delightfully social. We support them as they navigate the highs and lows that come with early friendships. Taking turns, sharing, and collaboration are parts of their regular ‘work’ day as they learn to problem-solve and make choices.


Within this social setting, our children are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts, and emotions to build on their sense of self. We believe that emphasizing empathy and generosity will help build kindness in character. Children have ideas of their own and are encouraged to explore their world and make sense of it. Our educators are active participants in play where they scaffold children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We work in partnership with parents and families to enhance the developmental skills and well-being of the child.


We offer a balanced program of quiet and active play, individual and group time, planned curriculum, and child-initiated experiences, with sufficient rest-time to refresh. The play environment is arranged with learning activities to support children’s development of language and communication, early literacy, mathematics, and fine motor skills. Play materials provided are accessible to children to promote autonomy and provoke further learning.

Learning is extended into outdoor play where interests are enriched with nature and exploration. Weather permitting, the pre-school children go out for two hours of outdoor play daily (half an hour for nursery children). During inclement weather, children have the opportunity to use the gym where they may participate in a variety of gross motor activities and games.

Overall, this play-based learning environment will support your child to establish a love for learning. In combination with a scheduled daily routine, it will help prepare your child for entry into junior kindergarten.

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