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4 to 6 Years Old


Rec Room’s Kindergarten program strives to create a safe and secure environment where children can develop a sense of belonging and understand their value in the group.


Children learn best through play. Given their developmental strengths and needs, the planned curriculum incorporates children’s interests to pique children’s curiosity and expand their inquisitive mind. It enables children to establish a love for learning and creates a meaningful connection that extends the knowledge gained to life experiences.


The Kindergarten program provides ‘loose parts’ to provoke creativity and problem solving. A vast variety of art media, building materials, tools, props, and music is at the children’s disposal to explore and enrich their play experiences. We understand that children may have different learning styles and developmental skills and we aim to ensure that all children have an opportunity to participate fully in their chosen activities. By using scaffolding techniques educators encourage the development of mathematical, language, and critical thinking skills.

We respect children as individuals by being responsive to their needs and interests. We support and guide our children as they learn to express their feelings and regulate their behavior through problem-solving experiences. The importance of empathy, cooperation, and respect for self and others is emphasized, and through positive interactions and guidance, children learn proactive strategies to resolve conflicts.

Weather permitting, the kindergarten children participate in half an hour of outdoor play daily where they explore nature and play games to strengthen their physical and social skills.

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